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Why would you choose Colombia for your destination?

Why Bogotá

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NEW Gold Museum Bogota

If you visiting Bogotá, and do you like the ancient culture of the Latin American regions like Colombia, can’t miss places like “El Museo del Oro”, owned by “El Banco de la Republica”, renovated in 2008, where you will find theatrical exhibition thematically classified and participation of the precious metal, like gold, and other metals used as instruments, beauty and ornaments creating prehispanic culture of Colombia. Has four showrooms and one of exploration, which you can access at any order.

Room "The metalworking", where you will find descriptions of some techniques used for the exploitation of metals, such as operation and maintenance thereof.

Room "People and Gold in prehispanic Colombia", find the social, political and religious belonging to prehispanic Colombia. During this fascinating tour you through the history of north-south mountain ranges of the Andes and the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, where metals were mainly worked.

Room "Cosmology and Symbolism", plunge into the mystical themes, shamanism and symbolism of metals for prehispanic ancestors of Colombia.

Room "The Offering", learn about the rituals and ceremonies of offering.


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NEW Monserrate and Zona Rosa

The Monserrate Hill, called like that becouse the colonial president Pedro Solís de Valenzuela, in honor to the Brown Virgin from Monserrat in Spain, has been one of the main touristic points and reference about the city. Along with the other tourist points in La Candelaria: the most of the goverment palaces [the Nariño House, the National Capitol,the city hall], the main plazas as the Nariño Plaza and Chorro de Quevedo Plaza, the place where suposedly was founded Bogotá 472 years ago, the most of the museums: The Gold Museum, the House of Coin wich shows the most important art exhibitions, the Botero Museum with some of the sculptures of the famous colombian artist, the Bolivar´s Penthouse, the colonial house of the liberator Simón Bolivar, close by the Monserrate cable car and Las Aguas Transmilenio Station; and all the colonial architecture in its old houses and churches, full of histories and beauty.

The Zona Rosa in the north of the capital surrounded by the most important shopping centers, restaurants and night clubs at the Zona T, the Zona G, the Zona Rosa and Parque 93; the most of the embassies, banks and the financial colombian center, besides the modern architecture of its buildings and its cosmopolitan people. All of this becaming it in the most important and safe area to the night life and party time over Bogotá.

And off course, all of these places are close by the Chapinorte VIP Guesthouse.


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NEW Bogota´s Surroundings.

In all the directions, Bogotá is surrounded by beautiful little towns, each one of them with its own history and way of life.

By the north, just 1 hour far from Chapinorte, Zipaquirá, the Salt City, delight us with its wonderful Salt Cathedral, with an avant-garde and innovative design of the Stations of the Cross suffered by Jesus. As same as Zipaquirá, the Nemocón’s Salt Mine was opened to the visitors, however continued in some of the rooms with the salt minerals extracting, conserving its rustic style.
By the east you will find the nice town La Calera, famous by its viewpoints on all Bogotá, the Tominé reservoir and the Guatavita Lagoon, just 30 minutes from there. There is one of the most interesting legends on our country, El Dorado, you can check it out the pictures in our flickr
By the south, the little village Soacha, one of the most progressive in the department, has some natural attractions: the Chicaque Natural Park, wonderfull cloud forest with veggetal species from more than 500 years old, and the Tequendama´s Waterfall, with two nice histories, ask us which one are they.
By the west you will find the Zabrisky Desert, close by the Mosquera town, and the Archeological park on Facatativa Village, full of rock art from almost 12.000 years ago and just 1, 1/30 hours from the Chapinorte Guesthouse.


Beautiful landscapes and places

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Why Colombia, the country of adventure

colombia, a virgin and unknwon country


Its past still keeps many tourists away from visiting Colombia. The country s image abroad is far from favorable and even unknown in the textbooks of the vast majority of European and North American countries. But at the same time this factor is positive. Backpackers are eager to discover new routes, new environments, new cultures and landscapes that have not yet been trampled by thousands of millions of thirsty tourists. "What's New" lures us, this is Colombia, new, unknown, there is still much to discover here and this is your chance.

economy on colombia


You dare to travel Colombia with us, you will save time and money. Otherwise, go ahead, you can do it by yourself, Colombia is not painful nor expensive. We can compare it to Peru, Argentina and Mexico. Probably more expensive than Bolivia and Paraguay, but is much cheaper than Brazil, Chile and Ecuador. The average costs for a travel month in Colombia can be about 850 euros or $ 1000 on accommodation, food and miscellaneous items for a traveler or something else for a couple of them. As I said before, take the advantage of our tips and knowledge to further lower these costs.

colombia an adventurous country


I do not mean follow "the narcos" route or to deal with the guerrillas, the paramilitaries or the thugs. But more adventure in its splendor: Wild rivers, volcanoes in full swing, plateaus that touch the moon and stars, endless vast plains, meandering peaks, beautiful beaches and majestic forests with trees that reach the sky. I mean adventure to explore their villages, towns and cities, its people, customs, traditions and laws.

colombia an amazing and nice country


and Welcoming. Its people undoubtedly make Colombia unique and different from the rest of America. They have no tourist tradicions but Colombians open their arms tourists as if they were known all their life. Its people welcome you as nowhere else, greet you warmly and invite you to discover its charms, folklore, customs and traditions and their more intimate side and willing. Colombians want to make you feel unique, like a king in their own house.


Bogotá is the core of the Colombia, it conects the whole country and even Southamerica. From Chapinorte Hostel you might start even the popular route along the Caribbean coast (Cartagena, Barranquilla and Santa Marta) and visit offshore islands and the Colombia´s magical Tayrona National Park. Visit the major cities of the country [Bogotá, Medellín, and Cali] while enjoying the more-temperate weather of the Andean Region, and diverse offerings of these distinctly-different population centers. Take in "The Coffee Zone" [between Cali and Medellin]—a land rich in beauty and a pleasure for the senses! And, should your adventurous nature take hold, venture off to the newer destinations of La Guajira, Sincelejo, Monteria, Magangué, San Gil, Barichara, Bucaramanga, Mompos, Tulua, Buga, Popayan, and San Augustine. There are Salsa Classes in Cali, or Spanish Courses in Bogota. You can eat "Ant Butts" in Bucaramanga, or Paraglide near Medellin. Experience snow and hot springs above Manizales, or hike among "wax palms" near Salento. Wander the old city of Cartagena, or trek to the "lost city" above Tayrona National Park. And yes, Colombia is on the Amazon River as well!

Weather & Climate

weather on colombia

Bogotá has a subtropical highland climate (Köppen Cwb).The average temperature on the "sabana" is 14.0 °C (57 °F),[9] varying from 3 to 25 °C (37 to 77 °F) during the course of the day. Dry and rainy seasons alternate throughout the year. The driest months are December, January, February and March. The warmest month is March, bringing a maximum of 19.7 °C (67.5 °F). The coolest nights occur in January, with an average of 5.4 °C (41.7 °F) in the city; temperatures can fall below freezing in the nearby towns causing frosts and fog in early morning